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How To Buy A Church Bus

The Ultimate Guide

Learn everything your organization needs to know to make an informed decision for a bus that is right for your specific church bus needs and budget.

Some of the church bus buying topics covered in this guide:

  • How many passengers?
  • Do you require storage?
  • Do your passengers have special needs?
  • How many miles?
  • How long does the bus need to last?
  • What kind of warranty do you need?
  • Where will the vehicle be parked?
  • In what kind of climate will the bus operate?
  • How important is safety?
  • What interior options are needed?
  • Graphics or logos?
  • What type of financing is best?
  • What are the maintenance and operating costs? Fuel costs?
  • Safety, license, and compliance issues
  • Specific regulations for church buses
  • Specific regulations for school buses
  • Should I consider a used bus?
  • What to look for in a used bus?

    ...and much more